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Mayfield Project

As a part of Studio GL’s ongoing commitment to continuous learning and contribution to the architecture profession, Felicity has maintained a long-term involvement with CEFPI (Council for Educational Facilities Planners International), now known as Association for Learning Environments. During 2013 and 2014 she facilitated the NSW contribution to the Mayfield Project, a national research initiative undertaken by teams of architecture and educational professionals.

The outcome of this research project was a chapter in the book Joined Up and a toolkit website housed on the website mayfieldnsw2014.wordpress.com. The website presents a variety of examples for spatial and education concepts for 21st century learning environment.


Client: Council for Educational Facilities Planners International


Project date: 2014


Services: Community & Educational Design, Research

Urban Design Review

Studio GL was commissioned by the residents of Bonner Avenue and North Steyne, Manly to review a development application for the proposed development of an apartment building on an adjoining site.

We assessed the proposed development’s compliance with the standards set by SEPP 65 and the Residential Flat Design Code and prepared a concise document outlining evidence of the proposed development’s non-compliance which was supplied to the residents, we also spoke at The Manly Independent Assessment Panel (MPIA). The panel found the development had excessive height, with poor contextual regard to neighbours and non-compliant setbacks affecting the amenity & privacy of neighbours. The panel also stated that the proposed development would set a poor precedent for future development in the area and unanimously refused approval.


Client: Residents of Bonner Avenue & North Steyne, Manly


Project date: 2015


Services: Feasibility Pre-Design, Residential Design


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Masterplans for Cessnock Cemeteries

Studio GL, working in collaboration with Sym Studio, undertook consultation and masterplanning to support an update of Cessnock Council’s Cemeteries Strategy. Studio GL developed a consultation strategy to understand the community’s needs in relation to their local cemeteries, using a diverse range of awareness raising and consultation techniques such as a local press strategy, online survey and community workshops. The findings of the consultation were summarised in a consultation report which formed part of the background studies.

The recommendations report provides detailed concept masterplans for the two largest cemeteries; the combined facility at Aberdare Cemetery / Gordon Williams Memorial Lawn Cemetery and the Kurri Kurri General and Lawn Cemeteries. The report also provided recommendations for eight other cemeteries located within the local government area, which proposed options for upgrades including the provision of toilet facilities, shade structures, additional interment options and improved landscaping.


Client: Cessnock City Council


Project date: 2017


Services: Masterplanning, Community Engagement 

Panania Town Centre

Studio GL was engaged by Bankstown City Council to prepare artist impressions that explored the future development opportunities of the Panania Town Centre, with a specific focus on the impact of building heights. The aim of this project was to use our knowledge of urban design, architecture and planning to inform the potential development of the Panania Town Centre.

We prepared a series of images that showed the impact of a building height limit ranging from 6 storeys to 12 storeys and illustrated the impact while the town centre incrementally developed and the final streetscape after all buildings were developed. We also provided a written examination of each option, outlining the impact of each on the wider context.


Client: Bankstown City Council


Project date: 2015


Services: Town Centre Studies, Development Controls, Strategic Planning, Feasibility Pre-Design


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Port Kembla Revitalisation

Studio GL was engaged to assist Wollongong City Council in the preparation of the Port Kembla 2505 Revitalisation Plan. Our role included organising community consultation, providing urban design analysis and advice and the preparation of diagrams, sketches and artist impressions to explain the ideas.
The community consultation for this project was conducted in two stages. The first stage included gaining an understanding of the thoughts and desires of the community through hands-on interactive workshops using placemaking maps, visioning & ideas boards, and summaries of previous plans & visions. The second stage included gathering community feedback on Wollongong Council’s vision and ideas presented through diagrams, sketches and visualisations. The consultation strategy and detailed comments from the community along with a detailed urban design analysis, were submitted to Wollongong Council in a Background Report.
Diagrams, sketches and artist impressions created by Studio GL were included in Wollongong Council’s draft Port Kembla 2505 Revitalisation Plan which was placed on Public Exhibition in February 2018.


Client: Stockland -Wollongong City Council


Project date: 2017


Services: Town Centre StudiesMasterplanningStrategic Thinking & Planning, Community Engagement


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Three Rivers Retirement Community

Studio GL, working as part of a team headed by Lewis + Zwart Architecture, were commissioned by the Warrumbungle Shire Council to create a masterplan and detailed designs for the Three Rivers Regional Retirement Community at Dunedoo. Initial funding was for 11 self-care units on the site but the masterplan allows for future development of up to 21 self-care units. Subsequently additional funding has been sourced to enable development of all 21 units.

Studio GL worked with the architects to identify the best option for access and circulation across the site with the aim to reduce the amount of roadworks required, create lots with better solar access and also focus views away from the highway and towards an area of open space along a creek to the east. We also recommended the use of centralised parking courts in the awkward “corners” of the site to provide parking that allowed dwellings to become a more prominent element along the street views.

This project is currently under construction.


Services: Masterplanning, Residential Design


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The Rocks Outdoor Seating Policy

The Rocks is an iconic, heritage precinct located on Sydney Harbour, to the south east of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Managed by the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA), a NSW government agency, now part of Property NSW. Studio GL was engaged by SHFA to prepare a revised outdoor seating policy and pricing structure to encourage increased street activity across The Rocks.

The aim of this policy was to use outdoor seating to activate and reinvigorate street level activity and create an environment that encouraged people to stay longer in the precinct. We recommended a wide range of pricing zones that took into consideration the heritage of the area, the adjoining land use, topography, pedestrian movement, ‘remarkable’ quality locations and the existing pedestrian access network.

Following the consolidation of SHFA into Property NSW, this policy has now been adopted as The Rocks Commercial Outdoor Seating Fee Policy.


Client: Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (now part of Property NSW)


Project date: 2015


Services: Strategic Thinking & Planning, Development Controls


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Seniors Living Product Guide

At Studio GL we believe that everyone deserves to be given the opportunity to live in well designed communities and Australia’s aging population is creating a demand for a diverse range of dwelling types and facilities for this ever growing demographic

With a long history of working on retirement communities, the team at Studio GL have developed a detailed approach that seeks to create settlements with a strong and attractive sense of place. Our approach is characterised by efficient street and block patterns, careful placement of dwellings and diverse community amenities designed to develop genuinely vibrant communities that will continue to reap benefits throughout the life of the community.


Services: Research, Residential Design


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Strategic Planning & Built-form Controls

Studio GL was commissioned to prepare site-specific planning controls as part of a rezoning of a former bowling club in Drummoyne from RE2 Private Recreation to R3 Medium Density Residential. We undertook a site analysis and developed planning and built form controls based on an understanding of the site’s conditions, including solar access, neighbouring built form and interface to surrounding buildings, and consideration of the visual impact of the building mass when viewed from the Sydney Harbour foreshore.

3D modelling of the initial built form envelope enabled investigation of the shadow impacts on neighbouring properties and streetscapes. After feedback from the planning panel we developed envelope controls for the DCP that clearly identified the location and scale of the building massing and the location of balconies.


Client: City of Canada Bay


Project date: 2015


Services: Feasibility Pre-Design, Development Controls


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Aberdeen Town Centre Masterplan

Studio GL were commissioned by the Upper Hunter Shire Council to prepare revitalisation plans for the town centres of Scone, Aberdeen, Merriwa and Murrurundi. The objective of the Masterplans is to provide a framework that encourages investment and supports the revitalisation of the local town centre.

Aberdeen is a small rural town with beautiful hilltop views and a local community who are committed to improving the existing town centre. Council are motivated to refresh the character and functionality of this centre to improve its amenity for both the residents of Aberdeen and to ensure the facilities welcome and encourage future visitors.

Council believed that an essential component to this process was the involvement of the local community during the creation of the plans. Studio GL developed and ran a series of community consultation and engagement events including workshops, drop in sessions and online feedback through Social Pinpoint to encourage this involvement.

Studio GL finalised the draft Masterplans in March 2016 and they were on public exhibition from April to May 2016. The final masterplans were adopted by Council in June 2016.


Client: Upper Hunter Shire Council


Project date: 2016


Services: Town Centre Studies, Masterplanning, Community Engagement, Strategic Thinking & Planning


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