The Turf - MAAS Architecture Commission 2019 - Studio GL
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The Turf – MAAS Architecture Commission 2019

Studio GL’s entry for the 2019 MAAS Architecture Commission was called ‘The Turf’, which proposed transforming the Powerhouse Museum’s forecourt into a visible, welcoming and inviting green space. One aim of the Turf was to ‘lift the lid’ on the absence of green spaces in this part of Sydney.

Conceived of as a grassed platform upon which events could occur, and as an oversized ‘backyard’ for the surrounding area, the Turf was designed as an oasis where people can engage with design at the most basic level through a series of inclusive, diverse and temporal interventions developed in partnership with community groups or where they can just hang out and enjoy the space. A program of events identified activities that were designed to last a few hours, with others stretching over many days.

The curve of The Turf at the southern end increased visibility of the green, creating a gentle containment and making the space appear larger. From within the space, the view is drawn to the city skyline and the blue summer sky. Some of the activities that were planned in the space included lectures, music, storytelling, crafting, napping, organised, sports events, water play, movie night, food and a Referendum Day.


Date: 2018


Services: Community Engagement