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Studio GL Clients + Partners
At the heart of Studio GL is our goal to work with good people on interesting projects. We have found that the quality of projects is intrinsically linked to the quality of the team working effectively together to create a successful outcome.

When building the team at Studio GL we look for people who have a diversity of knowledge and experience. We look for people who like to collaborate, who want to deliver more than is expected, who ‘go the extra mile’ to seek out a solution that delivers the best possible outcome for the project and the place. We also seek to develop strategic partnerships with likeminded consultancies that share our commitment and values and have skills that complement our services.

The Studio GL approach views the client as integral to the team, which means we develop strong relationships with our clients and they often choose to work with us again. Listed below is a selection of the companies, organisations and partners we have worked with since Studio GL began in 2013.