Transport Urban Design - Studio GL
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Transport Urban Design

The successful integration of transport and interchange facilities into the wider context of the precinct or neighbourhood is a critical city-shaping activity and is crucial to ensuring that active and public transport modes are attractive, safe and well used and that they accommodate the needs of all customers including the elderly, children and those with reduced mobility.

At Studio GL on every transport project we work to uncover the challenges and mould the designs to improve their ability to create and support successful places for the long term, which have a strong positive identity, are accessible by all and provide effective and safe interchange between modes for all users. Studio GL’s experience ranges from consideration of future regional rail corridors (Regional Fast Rail), detailed station and precinct designs (Sydney Metro), precinct planning (Meadowbank Education and Employment Precinct Master Plan) and detailed transport studies (MEEP Access Study).

Studio GL staff have been working on integrated transport and urban design projects for over 10 years and from this experience, we have learnt that effective station precinct and interchange design involves far more than just providing safe and attractive routes to the station and accommodating effective interchange between different modes of travel. It is also important to ensure places that are legible, where public transport is easy to find and where it is supported by complementary uses that are designed to ensure activation and passive surveillance throughout the day and into the evening.


Projects: Rhodes Station Precinct