Feasibility Pre-Design - Studio GL
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Feasibility Pre-Design

At the early stages of a project it is often difficult to determine an appropriate built form for a site or precinct. At Studio GL we are skilled at providing basic concept plans (street and block layouts and possible building envelopes) that show the scale of potential built form massing on the site and development area schedules that show the assumptions and high-level area calculations (developable area, % streets and open space, GFA, NFA, FRS, car spaces).

Typically, we start the process by identifying the physical and planning constraints and carrying out a photographic study to identify the urban design qualities of the local area such as sunlight access, coherent built form alignment, active frontages and the positive contribution made by trees and vegetation. We also review the existing relevant planning controls and policies and prepare a short summary of the planning constraints affecting the site.

This approach to design allows rapid testing and initial feasibilities to be prepared and is valued by landowners, developers and local councils alike when setting appropriate built form controls for a site or during the early stages of a project’s development.



Projects: Urban Infill Concept & Feasibility Analysis, Concept Design & Feasibility Analysis, Planning & Built-form Controls, Urban Design Review