Railway Street, Lidcombe - Studio GL
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Railway Street, Lidcombe

This large, well-located site is approximately 200m from Lidcombe Station, in an area experiencing a significant urban renewal in the west of Sydney. A site-specific planning proposal had changed the planning controls on the site to create an extension to Friends Park at the rear with taller buildings facing the railway line. Following a pre DA review by the Design Review Panel. Studio GL was engaged by Phoenix Builders to provide urban design advice regarding the design of a mixed-use development by Loucas Architects, comprising residential units, retail and office space.

A key challenge for the project was confusion between the requirements under the LEP and DCP and the controls created by the planning proposal. Studio GL reviewed all the relevant planning controls, including the Apartment Design Guide and Better Placed and created a series of clear diagrams that illustrated the various controls and options considered for the site.

We worked with the Client, architect and landscape architect to create a high amenity, well-designed development that would be attractive to residents, commercial and retail tenants and would provide increased amenity, open space and improved access to the train station.


Client: Phoenix Builders


Project date: 2020-2021


Services: Urban Design Reports


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