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Medium Density Study

Studio GL prepared an in-depth study for Shoalhaven Council investigating ways to ensure that future medium density built form integrates well within the existing neighbourhood character of Nowra and is supported by smart local planning and development controls.

The project involved extensive case study research, with a focus on high-quality built typologies and designs that are making a positive contribution to their local neighbourhood. Local controls were also identified which helped to facilitate this positive outcome. To ensure the controls reflected the local character, this study was also supported by photographic studies of elements that contribute to ‘character’, spatial mapping of the local area and architectural infill typology testing. By comparing legislation across various councils and at a detailed level, we were able to develop a suite of the most effective LEP and DCP controls.

This suite of controls was tailored to local conditions and refined during a series

of workshops with Council staff, community members, landowners and local developers. Council adopted the study in July 2018 and is currently preparing a Planning Proposal and a revised DCP based on the recommendations.

Client: Shoalhaven City Council


Date: 2016-18


Services: Strategic Thinking & Planning, Residential Design, Research


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