Context and Neighbourhood Character Training - Studio GL
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Context and Neighbourhood Character Training

Over the last nine months Studio GL has been running interactive training workshops in association with PIA NSW and various local councils, on how to assess context and neighbourhood character. The course clarifies the concept of “neighbourhood character” and “desired future character” and provides a simple framework by which planners can identify and analyze these issues.

The workshop helps participants to learn how to ‘read’ the context and neighbourhood character and appreciate the elements that can be used to ‘respond’ to a specific context. It focuses on defining what context and neighbourhood character means, using photographs to show the elements that contribute to different neighbourhood characters. An interactive case study is also used to engage participants and encourage debate.

If you are interested in the workshops to be run by PIA NSW, please visit

If you are interested in hosting bespoke training, contact Diana Griffiths at dgriffiths(at)