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Advocacy & Training

Studio GL is an advocate for urban design and the role it plays in the creation of attractive and effective places. As a company we are always looking for opportunities to share our knowledge and expertise with others. Our team of skilled urban designers are experienced in both urban design and the development and delivery of courses in urban design at a university level.

People learn in different ways, so we have found for training to be effective it needs to be structured to reflect and respond to these differences. Few people remember all the information presented as a lecture, but most remember more if they are involved during the learning process. For this reason, where possible we aim to create an educational structure that is targeted for the specific audience and that incorporates not only lectures but also walking tours, small group discussion and self-guided learning.

Studio GL were engaged in 2015, by Bankstown City Council, to run a series of training workshops for Council’s Development Assessment and Strategic Planners in order to enhance their understanding of urban design concepts and the recent changes to SEPP 65 and the Apartment Design Guide. Working closely with Council staff we developed a series of three workshops that were well attended and enthusiastically received by Council staff and won a commendation award from PIA NSW. Since 2018 Studio GL staff have run PLANET training sessions on Local Character and Active Frontages both in person and online for PIA NSW.


“Terrific – just what I was hoping for. It also seemed to cover the varied experience and roles of participants which is always a challenge.”


“Excellent session, looking forward to the next and to see how this can be incorporated into future planning for the LGA.”


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