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Educational & Community Design

People are fundamentally at the core of design. It is essential to focus on what people need from their community buildings in order to create a facility that will operate as a social, cultural and intellectual hub. Successful community facilities are lively places encouraging a variety of activities and providing for people at all stages of life from the very young to the elderly. These spaces need to be user-focused and service-rich, linking their community with the wider world through the provision of information technology, facilities and opportunities.

Schools and other educational facilities often operate as a form of community facility and they have undergone a significant transformation within the last twenty years. The days of individual classrooms where a teacher instructed 30 students, orderly arranging in rows of desks, from a whiteboard at the front of the room are long gone. As has the idea of a school only operating for a part of the day for a portion of the year, with many of these facilities supporting the concept of continual learning in co-operation with the wider community.

Educational design is now focused on the provision of vibrant, interactive, supportive spaces that enable teachers to facilitate the learning of all students in a diverse, responsive way. Studio GL staff have gained extensive experience over many years in designing spaces that support this new educational pedagogy, through a range of projects for various Government and Catholic educational institutions.

Specifically, Felicity Lewis’s extensive experience covers early childhood learning, through Primary and Secondary facilities, to TAFE and University projects including Mia Mia Child and Family Study Centre at Macquarie University, Corpus Christi Primary School Cranebrook, McCarthy Catholic College Trade Training Centre, as well as a wide range of community buildings, ranging from libraries, such as the Chester Hill Library and Knowledge Centre, to community centres. The key theme throughout all these projects has been the involvement of the community in the design and development of the project.


Projects: Mayfield Project