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Town Centre Studies

Successful centres are a complex amalgamation of context, character, structure and uses. Studio GL’s staff have had extensive experience of strengthening town centres through good planning and design. In 2008 staff members undertook cutting-edge research for a National Developer to identify the fundamentals of success for small centres and the factors needed to create centres with the right mix of services, amenities and convenience. A few years later while working for ARUP the same individuals applied this understanding of the factors of successful centres to the Nowra CBD Urban Design Master Plan (2011) and the Cessnock CBD Master Plan (2012).

In 2013, one of Studio GL’s first projects was the award winning Five Dock Town Centre Urban Design Study.. Since then we have deepened this understanding of town centres in both regional and urban locations through numerous projects, research and conference papers, and various professional roles. This has included a presentation on town centres as part of Enliven Pittwater for Pittwater Council in 2014 and a paper on Re-Thinking the Centre at the International City and Town Conference (ICTC) in July 2015. More recently we have applied our extensive knowledge to four Town Centre Masterplans in the Upper Hunter of NSW.

Through our research and experiences we have learnt that while every centre shares key drivers, each is different and unique and the challenges of regional and suburban locations can be as significant as those of a central location.

Through our involvement in all these projects we have found that the signs of a successful centre remain constant. These lively attractive places are integrated and connected, vibrant well into the evening, diverse, comfortable to use, accessible for all, economically viable and memorable and unique.


Projects: Five Dock Town Centre Masterplan, Nowra CBD Development Controls, Cessnock Central ParklandsPanania Town Centre, Nowra Riverfront Precinct, Port Kembla Revitalisation


A masterplan is a vision for the strategic development of a site or precinct that ranges in scale from new neighbourhoods and university campuses to town centres and infill developments. Effective masterplans recognise that successful places are a result of the public and private domain, how one arrives and moves though a place and its physical and social context. Generally they identify the type of development desired and how development and change will be coordinated so that the existing and the new work more effectively together to create a vibrant and attractive place.

Most importantly long-term masterplans recognise that time is a critical element in the realisation of a masterplan. They build upon the history and heritage of the place and identify a strategy for implementation over the long term.

At Studio GL our skilled team have prepared masterplans for well over 15 years on behalf of private and government clients both in Australia and in the UK. Our team are specialists in developing and refining masterplans. Our process is iterative, based on detailed analysis of the context then exploring options through workshops, sketches, diagrams, hand drawing, computer modelling before finally explaining the vision though detailed technical documentation and high quality graphics.


Projects: Five Dock Town Centre Masterplan, Three Rivers Retirement CommunityCoastal Waters Retirement Village, Nowra Riverfront Precinct, Port Kembla Revitalisation